École hôtelière Villars Palace Academy en Suisse


Students get to face the unknown & release the best of themselves.

At the Palace Academy, blended learning has a deeper meaning. Students are not only able to learn at their own pace and study at any time and any place - online and face to face personalised learning - but they also learn through real-life experiences and expeditions.

Every module includes a challenging and creative outdoor programme that gradually evolves and leads to a unique expedition. Ultimate check to exceed themselves and step out of their comfort zone. Our programme is designed to strengthen leadership, self-confidence, and teamwork while adapting to a constantly changing environment.

Excursion en nature à l'École hôtelière Villars Palace Academy en Suisse
Villars Academy Lifetime Expeditions
Expéditions en montagne à l'école hôtelière Villars Palace Academy en Suisse


The mountain-hiking

Swiss Alps, Switzerland
1100 m
Semester 1

In the first semester, our students leave on an expedition in our outdoor centre, Les Martinets, based on a plateau at an altitude of 1100 metres, among the Swiss Alps. They learn how to live in a remote part of the mountains, surrounded by nature and work together to find their food and overcome climate challenges.

Expéditions en voile à l'école hôtelière Villars Palace Academy en Suisse



At sea
0 m
Semester 2

Our sailing expedition takes place in the second semester. This sport requires strong collaboration and teamwork skills. Gathered in small teams and accompanied by professional skippers and coaches, students practice leadership and team bonding activities on their sailing boats, while acquiring navigation skills. They also learn how to function as crewmembers and to organize thoughtfully the daily tasks required on a sailing boat.

Expéditions en Tanzanie à l'école hôtelière Villars Palace Academy en Suisse



Arusha, Tanzania
1 400 m
Semester 4

Towards the end of the fourth semester, our students have the opportunity to fly to Tanzania. Throughout this 12-day expedition, students lodge at Shamba Kipara, our camp in Africa, experiencing a new type of hospitality offer. They also work in the Camp to practice their knowledge within a different hospitality concept.

They will also apply their skills in humanitarian activities as part of their philanthropic experience of the Solstice foundation.

As they attain the end of their studies, our students are confronted with a unique physical and mental challenge, reaching the top of Mount Meru (4'565m) and surpassing themselves in a tremendously rewarding life accomplishment.